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    180sx rocket bunny WIP

    Still working on it, did some renders too for fun
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    Aston Martin Vulcan

    perfect modeling mate!
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    RTR F-150

    the mud on the tires is very convincing .great work
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    Lamborgini Centenario

    great work, and great compositing.
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    Concept Hotrod Collaberation with Scott Robertson

    great concept and execution. love the tire tread also.
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    Car hangout

    hi guys. i made a simple car hangout scene with objects i've made. Everything is mine except the people.
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    180sx rocket bunny WIP

    Hello fellow gearheads. i'm here once again with a project that spans years cause i work on it only when i have spare time. and with a baby around , time is a very rare commodity. So without further ado, here's what i'm working on. and here are some components i already had ready to drop in...
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    Ambassador Car : Hindustan Motors

    amazing work mate!
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    Mazda RX7 FD3S

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    MAZDA 787b Sports Prototype - 1991 Le Mans 24h Winner - WIP

    Amazing work mate! keep it up. one of my favorite cars of all time. i know it's a bitch getting reference. when i was making my 2JZ, i had to go to ebay and search for parts to get closeup photos. but for a racecar its not easy.
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    Ferrari F40 - WIP

    any updates on your crazy project?
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    Ford Escort Mk. II HOONIGAN 1978

    GREAT work. love the specular on the windshield
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    Supra A90 - Finished

    thanks man, i try to improve
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    Ford CL9000

    i know this is an ancient thread but, great modelling!