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    Shelby 427 Daytona Super Coupe (1965)

    nice shots mate. all though this car is a 427 Shelby Daytona Super Coupe. A Shelby Cobra Daytona Super Coupe for Schumi - Top Speed
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    Lamborghini Miura LP400 Bertone Prototype (1967)

    yea but the crash distortion on this one seems to be minimal, so it is good shots. i remember the first time i crashed and rolled my 94 camaro at daytona i was like OMFGTHATISSOOCOOL!!!! now i hit it at 220 in my GTR R35 and i get soo pissed because it kills my lap times lol
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    Lamborghini Miura LP400 Bertone Prototype (1967)

    lol you can see thru the floor on the top view pic
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    Ford Truck (1957)

    this is an awesome find
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    Grand Champion cars blueprints

    good stuffs!! thanks a ton
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    Chrysler Norseman (1958)

    that is an awesome car! the roof line and trunk line remind me of the barracuda fastback that you made a while back
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    BMW M3 GT2 Le Mans Jeff Koons (2010)

    did they spill paint in the wind tunnel when they were testing it? its cool tho