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  • yeah man 10x I'd like to get some help on msn & stuff... actually i switch decision from the e21 to the VW rabbit 1 its a lot boxy I finished over 90% of the side but I work most of the time so the process would be a lil bit long :s anyway man I'm grateful for ya help my msn is 10x
    if you never did a car or modeling before, i recommend you to watch a video tutorial, thats how i learned things :) cya
    i think the bmw is pretty good car to start with, i mean its boxy enough and theres not much complex shapes :) catch me on msn if you want more help :)
    hey man since I'm a beginner do u think i need 2 choose an other model to start with... a simplest one than the e21 or its ok to start with the Beemer 10x again
    man I'm Very grateful for ur help I owe u one dude... I have a long story with this car :d 10x again man
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