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    NSU Doppel-Phaeton (1914)

    Very nice donation.
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    White Model WA 122 (1947)

    Hehe, Nb, are you there? I am sure he would like this...
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    Lincoln (1927)

    Nice nice nice!
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    I have an article in one of my magazines that says that the ZIS 110 really was a more or less direct copy from the Packard. They only changed very small things, the rest was exactly like the Packard, they even used the Packard construction drawings. It is said that Stalin advised his people to...
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    I am sure it is a copy of an american car. But I don't now which. Maybe a PAckard? Or Chrysler?
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    ZIS 101 (1936)

    Very nice.
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    Mercedes-Benz 500K and 540K (1936)

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    Gurgel X-12 L (1979)

    I sent a PM to you.
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    Bristol mid-engined sports car

    I bought a Magazine called Motor-Klassik here in Germany, and there is a guy in it who built a car with a American-Lafrance chassic, a selfmade body and a 47(!) Liter BMW aircraft V12. This car has chaindrive too, and the guy who built it sais that you can still make a burnout at a speed of 100...
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    Mercedes-Benz 200 by Jaray

    ---> Warning! Large filesize!
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    Mercedes-Benz Heck Typ W28 (1937)

    The print sais that it is not allowed to copy or share the print because it is property of the Reich, but I don't care. Excuse the distortion on the left. There seem to be two kinds of drawings, both by different authors. I don't know which one was used to build the car later. ---> Warning...
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    Kissel Speedster Model 6-55 "Gold Bug" (1924)

    Here is a high res version, not coloured. Only side and back view.
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    Kissel Speedster Model 6-55 "Gold Bug" (1924)

    Found by ettore.
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    Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow ( 1933 )

    Thank you very much. i can't say when this will be finished, but I will keep you updated.
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    Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow ( 1933 )

    Wow, thanks for the information! Please post everything you got.