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    Mercedes-Benz SL (2007)

    here you go:
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    Mercedes-Benz CL (2007)

    here you go:
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    Mercedes-Benz CLS (2007)

    Finally i have got the CLS in an superb resolution. It's possible to get more, even the CL. Goodluck with the nicest Mercedes on earth!
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    BMW X3 E83

    here is the X3
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    BMW X5 E53

    Bmw x5
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    Audi S4 cabriolet (2006)

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    Audi A8 (2004)

    no way, german cars are the best! :grin: especially audi :D
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    Audi RSQ (2005)

    Re: Audi RSQ ok thx for testing it out :mrgreen: happy modelling
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    Audi RSQ (2005)

    Re: Audi RSQ i hope, haven't tested them... :oops: i used this one as a base, i remade the lines with the pentool in photoshop so, it should be simular :roll: if not, sorry
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    Audi RSQ (2005)

    Re: Audi RSQ this could be usefull for those who wants to modell it :D
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    Audi RSQ (2005)

    guys, i re made the current bluepints, i guess they are clean enough now :grin: sorry for bugs if there are, but i dont think there are big bugs :|