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  • Here is a link for HDRI pack#6
    It's not in English, but if you mark the box in front of the file and push the big green button bellow, it will start download without a problem. Hope this will help you to solve the problem with this HDRI pack.
    Yes, It is working again. For a few days the domain name was not found at all from Switzerland. DId you update something ? Perhaps a problem with some servers on the internet updating against the heartbleed bug.
    I also have no reply text box. Did you change something recently, the site was not reachable in CH for a few days.
    can't reply to the thread you created it seems the reply box is missing on all pages for me. can't say if its my isp or my browser, just letting you know, if anyone else starts to experience the same problem then consider this an fyi or report.
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