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  • Tom Hello! how are you? we have to offer to you, I'm from the site of the NSF Aktion, we have a group that deals with amendments. We are making new cars for the game. We want to offer you to participate in the creation of a new model, 'cause you have a very high level in 3d programs. We wish that you would have participated in the creation of a new car. You can make a car in any spare time, we will wait until you're done

    All copyrights are retained, we are very glad if you will take part.

    Here our work Ôàéëîâûé àðõèâ .::. Âñ¸ î Need For Speed íà NFS.COM.Ru
    Hi tom, I want to do a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento with 3ds max, but insight3d dosnt work for me (I cant save a project and i cant export in VRML and other formats). maby you can share with me your 3d blueprints?
    P.S.Im sorry for my bad english
    Hey, I've read that "tutorial" you wrote, but I still don't know how to make nice wires, All mine are a mess, I just don't know how to make the polyflow nice, as a decent modeler, could you please explain more about it to me(like theory of polyflow or sumthin'),

    Thanks in advance,

    BTW your lego model, is AWESOME!,
    sir i am new to sms can you plz tell me where to upload my 3d car works and how to participate in contests...thanks
    hi i want to donate some blueprints and some parts like steering wheel exhaust but it wont let me start a thread can you fix this thanks
    im sorry to bother you, im sure your very busy, when i registered i wasnt able to activate my account as a result i cannot view any of the blue prints on the forum, if you please hel p i would be very gratefull, thanks in advance
    hi Tom , I had sent you a message on (ATOM Rocks) , I am trying to build this car and need some help in terms of understanding certain dimesnsion like curvature of the two main bars and angles at which it is best to bend. Do you think you can help me with this ? - Thanks and Regards
    is it possible to have the email activation re sent to me ? i would very much like to join this site fully
    having problems acctivating account , cant find acctivation email
    My name is James, great site you guys have here. I am a 3D modeler and I am trying to download a few blueprints. However, I keep getting an error "you do not have permission." I was hoping you could help me with this, as I am needing to get started as soon as possible on this project.

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