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    McLaren P1 2013 for downloading

    @Berger: can you maybe share this joined and cleaned model in rhino or some other format?... if that´s ok with you Kangal . that would be awesome. and nice renderings btw. Cheers
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    HELP! Need spline cage tutorial

    search the forum..or better browse the forum since the search is still a bit buggy. you´ll find lots of ongoing discussion about this topic with links to videos and tutorials. for example here:
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    what the F!!! this is amazing. I want to see more! and can you show some wireframes please? cheers
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    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    how hard would it be to actually update the design of the page and bring back the headers? i did a quick mock up of a more modern/flat design which i think would fit the new forum quite nicely.
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    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    in the old forum you were able to see the online useres browsing a subforum or thread. is there a chance to get this display with the new forum? cheers
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    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    is the search working properly? everytime i try to find something i get the weird feeling that the results are limited to only newly created threads. is it me? or is there something wrong/different?
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    Koenigsegg Agera R (WIP) Spline Modelling

    hi and welcome here at smcars. your splinecage is definitely a good start and for most modelers around here the next step would be polygon modeling the body of the car following the splines and use them as a 3D blueprint, which you even can use to snap your verts etc. As i said this would be...
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    SALT LAKE RACER - 32´Hotrod

    Catia uses NURBS since it is a highend engineering program used to build planes, cars and everything in between.
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    Jaguar XF R-S 2013

    nice one. thanks for sharing this.
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    SALT LAKE RACER - 32´Hotrod

    your stingray deserves the same attention to detail ;) although i doubt anybody will ever see all those details i have on my model in the final shots...but i´ll know it´s all there.
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    SALT LAKE RACER - 32´Hotrod

    here´s an update after a long time. drum brake:
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    How many do lead the site?

    Well i´m still around and i´m still in contact with exidge, although during summer time all of us probably spend less time in front of our pcs and that´s why things got a bit quiet the last weeks. cheers
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    DA Porsche 991 Turbo S

    cool stuff, i´ll be following your progress ;) Cheers
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    Jaguar XF R-S 2013

    cool car and nice progress here. And i can only second Durons advise about the shader for modelling. In maya you can just use the standard blinn material and it´ll show every single bump and pinch. I love this shader for modeling and hate it at the same time because it´s so unforgiving ;) Cheers
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    DURON BMW M6 F13

    this is very impressive. the black one just looks too good to be CGI. Cheers