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    Wald GTR

    It could be going better, i cant make the sideskirt of the car. Spent weeks on it. Sounds silly and simple but i cant get it. So im rather confused as what to do. I havent stopped but i wont continue till i get the sideskirt done. I dont know why i cant make it, its like a mental block for me...
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    Audi RSQ (2005)

    Re: Audi RSQ (for those who want to edit them) omg, u singed up here, thats awesome man, hope to see ur wips here that would be awesome although are u that paul from
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    BMW 3 series E90

    those match 100% :D::D:D:D:D:D::D:D
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    Holden VX Commodore

    Holden-VX-Commodore jeez.. do u draw this blueprints ur self, coz that dont look anything like that car, and trust me i live in australia and i see those cars every single day and like 100 of em, they are really popular and those prints make that car look bad