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  1. Falango

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Studio Render

    No worries! The more ref you look at the better!
  2. Falango

    Cyber Cheetah

    Ya definitely put a V Twin in there! That would be awesome!
  3. Falango

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Studio Render

    Here's a quick drawover with a ref pic. Hope it helps :) One thing I noticed as I uploaded, was the harder line you have under the door handles isn't very evident until near the gas door itself, and it goes to the back of the car from there.
  4. Falango

    3Ds Max 2013 Viewport AA

    Wouldn't that just end up using resources that aren't really required? I'd only see this being useful for viewport renders?
  5. Falango

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Studio Render

    I agree, the A pillar has a few bits that are off. The front of the door at the A pillar is too sharp. Looks like there's also a concave surface along the roof line where the A pillar meets it, should be convex. There shold be a sharp crease through the doors, sweeping backwards, starting...
  6. Falango

    Cyber Cheetah

    Architectural modeling can be just as difficult. It's more about proportions, how believable it is, clutter, and more about shading too.
  7. Falango

    BRZ GT300

    Gorgeous model! Two thumbs up!!! Love the very simple, yet effective presentation as well.
  8. Falango

    Cyber Cheetah

    Ya the spine that goes down the center of the body, through to the tail. What you have is good for blocking, but if you want high detail, that represents something from the animal itself, have a look at the feline spine. A good idea would be to take some of the vertabrae as reference, model 2...
  9. Falango

    Cyber Cheetah

    Looking forward to this! For the spine, make sure you don't only scale down the individual vertabrae, but vary the shape based on a real feline spine.
  10. Falango

    sf STUDIO Teaser

    I agree with you here. The 2 types of trees have a perfect line separating them too. Would be nice to see some overlap in the types, some size variations, and some more pockets of denser and open areas. The size variation is one of the more important things though IMO.
  11. Falango

    Drunk Homer

    I think all of the placement is too perfect. There is not much variation in the placement of the cans and bottles. There are no stray bottles or cans that have rolled away. The fries are perfectly placed in the box, like a McDonalds ad, and the cake still being intact around Homer, probably not...
  12. Falango

    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    I reported one earlier and it's gone now, so I think so!
  13. Falango

    Audi R8 on Advan RS

    Wheels are looking good. Did you to the tires as well? Not really diggin the spoiler and canards though.
  14. Falango

    DURON BMW M6 F13

    Looking pretty sharp Duron! I can't seem to maximize the second render, not sure why. In the first, the only crit I really have is your shadow. It seems to get too soft as it gets further from the car. I would think it would be a bit sharper, but not super sharp! Your paint shader is...
  15. Falango

    Winds of changes

    Upgrades are looking good! I'm not a fan of the message font, but I like how we can earn awards just for posting :D
  16. Falango

    Mazda CX5 (2012)

    Thanks for this. I'm interested in buying one, so I may just have to model it too!!