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    Mercedes-Benz 500K and 540K (1936)

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    Mercedes-Benz 200 by Jaray

    ---> Warning! Large filesize!
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    Mercedes-Benz Heck Typ W28 (1937)

    The print sais that it is not allowed to copy or share the print because it is property of the Reich, but I don't care. Excuse the distortion on the left. There seem to be two kinds of drawings, both by different authors. I don't know which one was used to build the car later. ---> Warning...
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    Kissel Speedster Model 6-55 "Gold Bug" (1924)

    Found by ettore.
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    Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow ( 1933 )

    Top and side view only. What a pity.
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    Duesenberg Model A Lubrication Manual

    With lots of information and illustrations of the engine and chassis. Maybe its helpfull for some people. Greetings to ettore, nb and ssexton File size is around 12Mb.
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    Blastolene B-702

    Here it is. Has got a V12. Jay Leno bought the Blastolene Special with a tank engine. Go here for more information.
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    Alfa Romeo P3

    Here it is:
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    Z18 (Ceskoslovenská Zbrojovka, also Zet or Zetka)

    Here it is. I don't know anything about this car. Seems to be of Czech production.
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    Gordon Buehrig Concept (1946)

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    Mercedes-Benz 170V (1938)

    Here they are: