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  1. aga_glanza

    Car hangout

    hi guys. i made a simple car hangout scene with objects i've made. Everything is mine except the people.
  2. aga_glanza

    180sx rocket bunny WIP

    Hello fellow gearheads. i'm here once again with a project that spans years cause i work on it only when i have spare time. and with a baby around , time is a very rare commodity. So without further ado, here's what i'm working on. and here are some components i already had ready to drop in...
  3. aga_glanza

    Supra A90 - Finished

    hello again after a lot of time. been working on this on my spare time which is very little, due to parenting. so here goes, all made in 3ds max. most of the objects you see are placeholders, the only "final" meshes are the blue bodywork and the tires
  4. aga_glanza

    RPS13 Rocket Bunny

    Hello gentlemen. i'm back with whatever free time i have left with a baby in the family. New project, a 180sx rocket bunny :) . Cheers, will update soon.