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    Fiat 500 L (1957)

    Beautiful picture! I thought that was at least 500L of 1967 .... I remember that the first 500 had doors that opened as opposed to the figure ...
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    Fiat 682 N4 (1969)

    Thank you very much for answers! I understand that in recent years was only produced for the Middle East and African market, but it was not sold in Italy. It was a very strong truck, someone still works here, where I live;)
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    Fiat 682 N4 (1969)

    In 1970, Fiat took the cab of the new model. The same you see in your post of OM 170. I do not know whether they have continued to build even the old-fashioned ...
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    Fiat 682 N4 (1969)

    Many thanks! I tried these drawings for a long time!:) Probably, however, is the 1969
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    Jelcz 315E (1969)

    Thank you!
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    MG B Club Racing Version (1967?)

    Thank you!
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    [tank] Daimler Dingo (WW II)

    Very good pictures! The last two are not Dingo, but Lince italian copy