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  1. Prykie

    HDRI Package #006

    Here you are:
  2. Prykie

    Holden HQ (1972)

    Great work Ludwig!
  3. Prykie

    Dodge 1970

    Lol what he said ^^ :P
  4. Prykie

    Dodge 1970

    Looks really cool mate! Only thing I can spot is that the AA is pretty noticeable
  5. Prykie

    Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept

    This is one cool design....great work mate!
  6. Prykie

    Jaguar XF R-S 2013

    Looks great Dave!
  7. Prykie

    Сhevrolet Сorvette Sting Ray Convertible

    Loving the materials mate!
  8. Prykie

    Datsun 240z

    Hey mate, welcome to the forums, Looks like a really nice model. Only thing I can spot at the moment is your seams look a little soft. Cant wait to see more!
  9. Prykie

    Australian trucks

    Nice work mate, looks pretty cool!
  10. Prykie

    Aston Martin Vanquish

    Nice work mate!
  11. Prykie

    Passat 35i B3 station wagon

    Looks like a really nice model mate, is there any chance you can take screenshots in perspective view instead of Orthagraphic....makes the car look funny at the moment
  12. Prykie

    Making of McLaren MP4-12C

    Looks like a nice clean start, really nice poly flow so far!
  13. Prykie

    Сhevrolet Сorvette Sting Ray Convertible

    Really love your presentation mate....actually I love all of your work :D
  14. Prykie

    Making of McLaren MP4-12C

    Welcome to the forums Xaad, looks like a really nice start so far. Cant wait to see some polies :D
  15. Prykie

    Drunk Homer

    Hey Kangal, the image doesnt look too bad. It looks to me like Homer is too small, compared to the bottles and cans though
  16. Prykie


    Looks like a pretty good start mate, you're probably better off showing unsmoothed wires so people can help you out with your poly flow
  17. Prykie

    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    Good work guys, and as Advan said, will have to get used to the style again... and also block all the spammers :D
  18. Prykie

    Ford Falcon GTHO (1971)

    Nice work Typeface, its really hard to find any Aussie car blueprints. Your work is much appreciated
  19. Prykie

    Ford Highboy (1932)

    Ohh looks cool, Cheers
  20. Prykie

    Volkswagen Golf V GTi (2005)

    cant you just use the attachment system on here?