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  1. angelhand

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

    is it ur modelling? can we c wire?
  2. angelhand

    The End ?

    What is the problem exactly? is it cuz of the spam messages taking space on the servers or is it a tech issue in the servers itself.
  3. angelhand

    Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

    file been took down according to this site's rules
  4. angelhand

    Mercedes Benz S63 Coupe

    well u said it's a "quick" render so I'm gonna go with it. the model is really good. as for materials, I'd like to c one preview with good materials. after that I'll give u a cc. keep it up ;)
  5. angelhand

    Bugatti Chiron

    Model is good. now u need to improve ur materials and lighting. the wire shows a good modelling but the lighting is kinda confusing and materials look like plastic like a toy car. can u put some clay renders? only gray material with no wire?
  6. angelhand

    Bugatti veyron-second attempt

    Good job. noticeable improvement. keep it up ;)
  7. angelhand

    Veyron/Veyron Super sport

    For a first car it's ok. I'd say a good start. u got the basic idea of how to model a car. now u go to the next step and that's how to improve ur modelling skills and keep practicing and refining ur modelling skills till u master modelling. I'd suggest to watch modelling vids on youtube. there u...
  8. angelhand

    Ford Mustang GT (2015) HD blueprint

    Thx but that's 2015's not 2017's model ;)
  9. angelhand

    Mercedes Benz S63 Coupe

    Man u're making burrrrrrn XD I so wanna make this car but I'm too lazy right now :D
  10. angelhand

    Mercedes Benz S63 Coupe

    Nice. looks good so far. I've been planning to model this one for a while now. I even have the blueprints ready but idk when I'll actually start! keep it up
  11. angelhand

    Mercedes-Benz W124 300D X 1992

    really good stuff! great work. congrats ;)
  12. angelhand

    Chevrolet Camaro SS (2015)

    Hi, could u please, by any chance, provide Cadillac Elmiraj 2013 blueprints? it'd be much appreciated :)
  13. angelhand

    Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray (2014)

    Thx for sharing