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  1. Vick

    Ford Custom 1951

    Amazingly primitive car, - in fact, the same pre-war design. Just compare it, say, to the 1950 Lancia Aurelia on all items - chassis, engine, transmission, running gear...
  2. Vick

    Ford Cardinal

    The sub-compact Cardinal should have arrived, in 1961 model year, as the first (post-war) American front-drive passenger car. Yet, Ford Motor has handed the project over to its German division, and the would-be Cardinal was built - complete with the original V4 engine - as Taunus 12M.
  3. Vick

    Renault 4CV

    In 1947, Renault introduced its first post-war model - the small vehicle of rear-engine layout. Yet, being extremely "tail heavy", the car complete with dreadful swing axle at the rear was "unsafe at any speed". A shame.
  4. Vick

    VW Karmann Ghia (1955)

    In 1955, the graceful coupe arrived as arguably the world first passenger car with curved side glass. And frameless door windows looked utterly different, in the mid-50s.
  5. Vick

    Peugeot 404 (1960)

    The 404 model was driven by the "slant" 4-cylinder engine. Pay attention to the peculiar configuration of the final drive with unique worm gear.
  6. Vick

    Bizzarrini Strada (1965)

    The impressive 2-seat GT was nothing else than a talented emulation of the AC Cobra idea.
  7. Vick

    Mercedes-Benz 220SE (W111)

    The model known as a "fintail" sedan.
  8. Vick

    Volvo 164 (1968)

    The first Volvo model with 6-cylinder engine.
  9. Vick

    Mercedes-Benz 219 (W105)

    The model was introduced in 1956 with the first brand's short stroke OHC six.
  10. Vick

    BMW 3.0CS

    BMW New Class coupe.
  11. Vick

    Mercedes-Benz 170V (W136)

    The pre-war model was built till 1953. There existed the version with Diesel engine - one of the world first.
  12. Vick

    Porsche 356C (1964)

    The last 356...
  13. Vick

    Austin Maxi (1969)

    Oh, Maxi, Maxi blue... The car was driven by the new E-series engine - the first OHC unit of the BMC make.
  14. Vick

    Jaguar S-type (1963)

    The magnificent yet little-known model was embowered by the famed E-type and Mk X. The car often is mixed up with Mk II though S-type was distinguished by the advanced rear suspension. At that, as regards handling and roadholding, front suspension is nothing while this rear is everything..
  15. Vick

    BMW 2000CS (1965)

    BMW New Class coupé...
  16. Vick

    Alfa Romeo Giulia TI (1962)

    In the early 60s, the 4-door sedan was on offer complete with the all-aluminium DOHC 8 valve four and 5-speed manual gearbox.
  17. Vick

    Ferrari 275GTB (1964)

    The 275 model range parted with archaic running gear typical of the 250 range. The road going super sport finally adopted independent rear suspension of the layout that FIAT 8V pioneered in 1952, and AC Ace reiterated in 1953. Moreover, the 275 cars were distinguished by the gearbox mated to...
  18. Vick

    AC Ace (1953)

    Since 1956, Ace was driven by the ultra long stroke Bristol OHV six that, in fact, ascended to the pre-war BMW works. Turn attention to the rear suspension: kinematicaly, it was equivalent to the double transverse arms arrangement - just like this front. That's the secret of the Cobra ensuing...
  19. Vick

    Glas 1004 (1962)

    The first compact size model of the once remarkable brand. It was driven by the advanced OHC four.
  20. Vick

    Lamborghini 350GT (1964)

    The first super sport of the long since famous brand.