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  1. T-Shine

    Seat Exeo (2009)

    Not just inspired - it actually uses the A4 (B7) platform, which again derives from the B6. Even so, for an old lady in new clothes, I too think they did well.
  2. T-Shine

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (2008)

    Thank you, thank you :)
  3. T-Shine

    Maserati Granturismo (2008)

    A big thank you from me as well. Although this, in detail, is very inaccurate, it should hopefully help me fix up the proportions of my somewhat old mesh :)
  4. T-Shine

    Citroen C6 (2006)

    Beautiful! Citroën drawings are getting better and better all the time :) Especially in terms of accuracy. Very nice print!
  5. T-Shine

    Opel Corsa (2006)

    There are a lot of views missing seeing as the 3- and 5-door versions differ a fair bit, but great find nonetheless :)
  6. T-Shine

    BMW Z4 E85 Roadster

    Re: BMW Z4 Roadster E85 That is not the Z4 M, but I have never seen that bumper before. However, it is an excellent print indeed!
  7. T-Shine

    Ferrari GG 50 Concept (Italdesign)

    Re: Ferrari/Italdesign CG 50 (56k !) WONDERFUL! :D
  8. T-Shine

    Suzuki Grand Vitara 3dr and 5dr

    I see no perspective :) Excellent print of a fabolous looking car (what a shame it is a Suzuki :D)
  9. T-Shine

    Hyundai Getz (2005/2006)

    My goodness, you have been absent for so long - what kind of ludicrous comment is that for a comeback? lol :D
  10. T-Shine

    Mercedes-Benz M class (2005) - High Res

    Sexylicious print, Dario! - very good!
  11. T-Shine

    Ford Mondeo (original manual prints)

    Very nice donation :D Not very accurate though, but definitely the best print out there of the new Mondeo.
  12. T-Shine

    Ford Focus C-MAX

    Looking forward to see the prints :D By the way; this picture shows a Mondeo. I think I need to have a look at that pdf file to see what it's about, heh.
  13. T-Shine

    Ferrari 575M

    YES!! lol thanks f50, looks like Blo0m's going to model in the holidays! :mrgreen:
  14. T-Shine

    Ferrari F40

    Looks alot better (and obviously more accurate) than the Tamiya one imo. That long nose definately looked wrong. Great donations, once again!
  15. T-Shine

    Ferrari 355 F1 Berlinetta

    f50, I feel like kissing you right now!!!!
  16. T-Shine

    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

    :twisted: Uhf; I can almost hear it ! Lovely print, same goes for the others heh. Great donations!
  17. T-Shine

    Chrysler Concept cars

    Wow...!! The Defender..! :o I used to watch that hehe! I love it ! :D
  18. T-Shine

    Opel Astra V8 Coupe Opel Team Phoenix (Niceeeeee)

    No, not a problem at all, matth3w... I'm sure (almost :roll: ) everybody apreciate a donation. And it's hard to know all the prints, SMCars has got.
  19. T-Shine

    Fiat Doblo (2001)

    2001 Fiat Doblò Would be fun to see a tuned one of these in the WIP section :lol: Excellent print!
  20. T-Shine

    Fiat Coupe (1998)

    1998 Fiat Coupe Very nice prints!! Great additions!