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  1. Tshikhudo


  2. Tshikhudo

    68 Charger

    stunning work m8 just awesome keep it up
  3. Tshikhudo

    DURON BMW M6 F13

    great render m8 as always
  4. Tshikhudo

    Koenigsegg Agera R (WIP) Spline Modelling

    great work m8 this is probably my favourite of the hyper cars I hope to model one soon This is a great start keep it up cheers!!
  5. Tshikhudo

    [RHINO] Nissan GT-R (facelift)

    great render m8
  6. Tshikhudo

    Alpine A441 Studio shot

    dats a great looking render m8
  7. Tshikhudo

    Ford GT

    Thanks m8 I have explored couple of techniques but this car was made by starting by making a base mesh then I smooth it and start adding the details once the mesh is dense that way I avoid bumps I can post my wires of my base mesh if you would like to see it cheers!!
  8. Tshikhudo


    This is awesome work m8 can you post some wires keep it up cheers!!
  9. Tshikhudo

    Jaguar XF R-S 2013

    great work dave keep it up cheers!!
  10. Tshikhudo

    Mercedes SLS AMG Brabus

    great work m8 can't wait for some renders
  11. Tshikhudo

    Ford GT

    Thanks for your kind words guys I have been making my way into the front end of the car and here are some updates comments and critics are most welcomed cheers!!!
  12. Tshikhudo

    DA Porsche 991 Turbo S

    great start duron Its always great seeing your projects I am sure this is going to be great cheers!!
  13. Tshikhudo

    Aston Martin Vanquish

    Nice looking renders m8 I love you paint shader
  14. Tshikhudo

    DURON BMW M6 F13

    your renders are just briliant m8 really awesome work I love the second render the most if I may offer a little critic I think the tires are a bit too reflective on the second render anyway your renders are awesome I wonder if I will ever be this good cheers!!
  15. Tshikhudo

    Making of McLaren MP4-12C

    nice and clean keep it up m8
  16. Tshikhudo

    Oscar's old stuff

    it looking good but I think the paint and glass are too reflective imo also I love love to see renders of the koenisegg cheers!!
  17. Tshikhudo

    SMCars Upgrade and Migration To XenForo

    it good to see the site up again I love the new look guys looks great cheers!!