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  1. pwt231

    Mazda 1000 Sedan (1971)

    aka Kia Brisa...
  2. pwt231

    Mazda 626 CB2 (1979)

    First generation of 626
  3. pwt231

    Porsche 930 Turbo (1975)

    Great donation, thanks! So nice, that you still keep posting rare and good prints. I appreciate your donations; When I see your activity, I always think I should do something for this forum. Well, I promise I will be more active in donation section. Regards, Piotr
  4. pwt231

    Mercedes-Benz CLK coupe (1998)

  5. pwt231

    Volvo Bus (1964)

    Incredible donation - thank you so much !!! Piotr
  6. pwt231

    Leyland Princess 1800 HL (1977)

    Nice car, it's a pitty that was not very popular.
  7. pwt231

    Studebaker Commander Coupe (1953)

    Outstanding! I appreciate your work very much:) Regards, Piotr
  8. pwt231

    Mercedes-Benz W122 Prototype (1956)

    Special thanks for that! Regards, Piotr
  9. pwt231

    Skoda Felicia (1962)

    Thanks a million Moritzamica! Just to click "thanks" button is definitely not enough for such great donation :) 1959 - 1964 Felicia is one of my favourite cars... Regards, Piotr
  10. pwt231

    IFA G5 (195x)

    Marvellous! I just got back from the leave and what a surprise! Fantastic stuff - thank you very much! Piotr
  11. pwt231

    Pegaso Camion Ligero 515

    Very rare blueprint - thank you very much! Regards, Piotr
  12. pwt231

    Daimler-Benz LAK 2620/36 (1964)

    ausgezeichnet! (I'd better translate it to follow forum rules:) - fantastic!) Thank you Moritzamica, Piotr
  13. pwt231

    Fiat Moretti 124 Special Coupe (1970)

    Donation of the year, no doubts! Regards, Piotr
  14. pwt231

    Skoda 706RT (1957)

    with view from driver place:)
  15. pwt231

    Tata LP 613 E II (2007)

    Extremely difficult to find print! I spent hours on finding TATA trucks blueprint, and I wasn't a success. Thank you Moritzamica for your effort and for sharing the blueprint. I really appreciate your donation. Regards, Piotr
  16. pwt231

    Mitsubishi Pajero (1998)

    Years ago we had this print here, but now it seems to be dead:( Regards, Piotr
  17. pwt231

    Kraz 255B-PMP

    Incredibly valuable matherial, thanks Moritzamica! Regards, Piotr
  18. pwt231

    Setra S 100 - S 150 (1967)

    Fantastic donation! Pressing "thanks" button is not enough, I must say it loud and clear - THANK YOU! Regards, Piotr
  19. pwt231

    Jelcz 043 Bus (1958)

    Congratulations Moritzamica, you found very accurate prints of old Jelcz. It is not easy; while you can find many Jelcz prints in the net, finding accurate print is a real challenge! Thanks. Regards, Piotr P.S. hard to say, if it is really 1958 model year. It has Skoda emblem on the lid...
  20. pwt231

    Chevrolet Corvette (1961)

    Outstanding job! Thanks a million! This is IMHO second good print of '61 Vette (first is in GM archives :) ) Regards, Piotr