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    Opel Kadett C

    Opel Kadett C Swen
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    Mercedes-Benz Nürburg 460

    Mercedes Nürburg 460 Chassis and Pullmann Interieur measures
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    Mercedes-Benz Star , ca 1928

    Desingn Sketch for the Mercedes Star ca. from 1928 8) Swen
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    Porsche 917 V12 engine cut print

    Technical its not a Boxer engine , its a 180° V engine The boxer has one crank pin per piston while in the V-at-180° engine two pistons share the same crank pin (like in the 917 engine)
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    Porsche 917 V12 engine cut print

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    Porsche 917 V12 engine cut print

    And some 917 prints
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    Porsche 917 V12 engine cut print

    Porsche 917 V12 engine cut
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    Nissan R381 (1968)

    Nissan R381 1968 Nice car and great print It depends in which country the cars where sold. The company was the Nissan Motor Company, and Datsun the name of the car Brand, ( in some countrys the cars are sold as Nissan) In 1983 the company standardized the Brand Name to Nissan all over...
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    Aston Martin DB3 (1950)

    aston martin db3/7 Wow, nice print :D Top work Swen
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    Simca 9 Sport Coupe (1953)

    1953 Simca 9 Sport Coupe
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    Toyota Landcruiser 1958 + 1979

    1979 Toyota Landcruiser
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    Toyota Landcruiser 1958 + 1979

    1958 Toyota Landcruiser
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    Mercedes-Benz A-Class 3 + 5 door

    The new Mercedes A-Class 3 door + 5 door Swen
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    BMW M5 E60

    No prob. :D I can see the difference,. :D :wink:
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    BMW M5 E60

    Adobe Photoshop to open the .pdf file (high dpi) then I save it as a highres .bmp (in this case the .bmp had a size of 14.9 mb :roll: ) and then I use IrfanView for converting it to a .gif (8 colors, greyscale) Best result in file size for me. Swen
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    BMW M5 E60

    Do you like it big :D :wink: Extracted from the PDF Picture removed NightEye
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    Duesenberg SSJ (1935)

    1935 Duesenberg SSJ Here are some pics from the real cars: (both) The Clark Gable one: Swen
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    Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta E Sypder California (1960)

    Re: Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta E Sypder California 1960 You have to read : Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta (better known as 250 GT SWB ) and Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California. Your pic is from the homologation paper, so I think the picture of the SWB stands only for an example for both cars. The...
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    Chevrolet Corvette (1984)

    And some more The folder says 1984 Corvette Body and Uniframe General arrangement
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    Chevrolet Corvette (1984)

    And a top view