3d modeling

  1. hemi_426

    Plz feel free to C&C

    Hey guys, i was doing alot of reading and research to improve my 3D Automotive modeling and rendering skills. then i stepped into a subject that discusses using a polygon tool over a NURBS tool and what to expect using those tools. Which led me to this site. car designing have always...
  2. R

    Bugatti Chiron

    Hello everyone. I am a student Vehicle artist in my final year of my degree. Below is a link to my latest project on Artstation as well as a couple of renders (there are more on Artstation). I would love some feedback on the project so that I can improve my work as much as possible in my final...
  3. Veseliy

    Car modelers needed

    Hello guys, We are looking for 3d modelers, High/Mid polygon. Doesn't really matters what software, as long as I can get fbx with proper UVs. Mainly soft parts, e.g. seats with stitches, leather upholstery etc. Sometimes re-modeling of hard CAD parts. Please PM me with these things included...