1. Splicer

    Mercedes-Benz W123 230E/280E AMG/6.0 Widebody AMG

    Hey guys, now for something completely different - a classic Benz from the '80s. And it comes in many shapes and forms too! The stock 230E The AMG 280E And my vision of what a widebody, completely insane AMG version would have looked like, inspired heavily from the legendary 560SEC W126...
  2. HithluM

    AMG GT

    Hi, friends. I have new renders. Сar was modeled by my friend. Shading, lighting, vis and pp is mine. 3D Max, Vray, PS.
  3. TroyWitte

    Mercedes AMG GT

    My latest render of the Mercedes AMG GT. The base model is from Humster3D which I've updated to be more product correct. The backing plate is from my new set soon to be released on Moofe and was taken on a hairpin corner halfway up Mt. Buffalo in High Country Victoria, Australia. Currently...