1. SilencedAnger

    Car Paint Shader

    Hey guys, this is actually my first thread here on So I recently started to work with the "VRayBlendMtl" in 3ds Max 2015 and VRay 3.0 and I really fell in love with it :D I wanted to create a new car paint shader and here is the result so far! You maybe have to zoom in a bit to get...
  2. bbbb5331

    lamborghini centenario

    modeling in 3dsmax render by Vray i hope that you like it
  3. bbbb5331

    on the roof

    NX 300h 3dsmax,Vray,Photoshop by Vahid Montazeri
  4. Souledge

    Bmw 1 series

    Hello car lovers, this is my first post here, the BMW 3 door 1 series MK1, one of my favourite cars,the modeling was done with Max and Blender, rendering with cycles, compositing also in Blender, hope you enjoy it