180sx rocket bunny WIP


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Hello fellow gearheads. i'm here once again with a project that spans years cause i work on it only when i have spare time. and with a baby around , time is a very rare commodity. So without further ado, here's what i'm working on.

rocketto 01.jpg rocketto 02.jpg rocketto 03.jpg rocketto 04.jpg rocketto 05.jpg
and here are some components i already had ready to drop in
012.jpg work.jpg 7.jpg

i also have recaro or bride seats ready, and nardi steering wheel, a tial external gate is already in the engine but is under the turbo , i have to build a manifold cause the 3584 is top mounted... i have to build a million things yet :D. i have stopped being really detail oriented so the project will be finished SOMEDAY.
thanks for your time