1927 Rover 16-50 HP

I have just discovered and registered on this site, hoping to find something new. However, I think this stuff on the Rover 16/50 derives from me, uploaded to somewhere else a year or two ago; all but the photograph come from the service manual, and the photo was taken by the shippers just before the car went on the boat from England to the US. I attach another photograph taken near San Francisco.

If anyone knows of another 16/50, or 14/45, running anywhere in the world, I would love to know where and whose.

incidentally, my car actually dates from 1925, when it was sold to my grandfather as a 14/45. In 1927 the engine was upgraded to that of a 16/50 (new block and head with bigger bore, same stroke).

Ken G, 1925 Rover 16/50 (San Francisco)