1950 Talbot Lago T26 GS


I've taken some time to decide where I'm going with my 3D hobby. Thinking about what I need to learn to progress past the static and into the dynamic. Here's what I came up with. Taking my interest of modeling cars with charactor, mainly older LeMans type racing cars, I'm planing on an action scene from the 1950 Lemans event. I have an older model of the 1950 Allard J2 kicking around and decided to put in in a scene with the winning Talbot Lago T26 GS. Along with the car I'm going to attempt my first bi-ped. Got to have drivers. My main focus in this project, aside from the biped, is to enhance my limited texturing skills. References for this car are somewhat limited and the orthos are hand drawn so we'll see what I come up with.

Image one/ The 1950 Talbot Lago GS

Image two/ Progess to date, Basic body shape and initial front suspension. Kind of an awkward workflow but references are poor and I need to figure out body opening locations.

Image three/ The 1950 Allard J2 model , actually modeled from the modern day Allard J2X MKII. Some modifications to the wheels and front fenders should give me a good representation of the J2

Any comments are as always, not only welcome but appreciated.


PS. Most of my previous work can been seen at metabadger.cgsociety.org


A little more progress blocking in the major chassis and body pieces. I'm slowly starting to figure out most of the body opening locations and am getting more confident in being able to present a fairly accurate representation of the car.

Next, on to trimming out the body.

Jomar; Thanks


I put approx 20 more hrs into the T26. The symetrical body pieces are finished yet there is some considerable work yet to do on the right side, mainly on the hood. The louvers for this piece are floating geometry. Most of the details will not be seen in my projected perspective but I figured I'd detail it for a few studio shots to go in my slowly expanding portfolio. The render is a two light shot with car paint applied to all the smoothed geometry.


Thanks for your comments and interest guys. I've motored on with this project and so far I am happy with the Talbot. I have a few things to do with the textures however I'm going to leave it as it sits while I take the Allard J2X MKII back in time to 1950.



Very nice Talbot..
I specially like the back shot with the screws, panel lines & detailed tail light.
Inserting that many louvers in the body's geometry, would have been a nightmare, line-wise, except for nurbs & still it would have been heavy...
I don't see how you could have them done otherwise, than floating.
When you'll be back on this model, maybe a little "gravel dust" grit on the tires surface would contrast nicely with polished body.
Nice Job! ... Mental-ray shaders?
Hi all. Thanks for your responses.

allrob; Thank you. For those that don't know allrob is doing an impressive job on a Lotus MK 23 over at cg-cars.com

PALAT; I know how much you like the oldies, thanks

chaRecca; thank you

Louvers; I have done louvers in my meshes in flat surfaces where smoothing doesn' t screw everything up. On a curved mesh such as the Talbot it would have been an inefficient and time costly technical exercise. In the final render nobody would notice and only a purist would care. Thanks for not being a purist. Textures. Hmmm. One of my weakest areas and the reason for this project. Yes, I'll be putting a great deal of time into my textures for my racing scene. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

qretz; Thank-you.

Jomar Machado; Once again, coming from a professional artist, your comments are taken to heart. Thank you. I usually don't show wires because they tend to invoke the coulda, shoulda, wouldas. I have taken a quick low poly screenshot of the body for you. If you have any CSWs I would really like to hear from you.

Big Ron; Thanks. They don't build automobiles anymore. They put a bunch of pieces together and call them products. I've been at Ford Motor Company for 27 plus years and I strongly dislike ... "products".


1/ Jomar Machado's quick body wire
2/ The modern Allard J2X MKII (same as in post 1)
3/ This shot shows some of the changes from the MKII to the 1950 Allard J2. Although after a closer look at all the differences it might have been easier to start from scratch however the Allard will be in the background so I should be able to pull it off. Still along way to go. When I'm finished dating the MKII I'll shoot off a couple of side by sides


Jomar Machado

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metabadger: thank you for your words...we are always learning something different and new...all the time...so I like to see the Wires from other modelers...this way, sometimes I can learn a new aprouch to an old problem...congrats for your nice and skilled works...

regards, ;)
I've pretty much finished altering my J2X MKII into a J2 for this project. I've attached the side by side for a comparison. The render had to be composited because my pute can't handle both models at once. Forgive the rush job. Some of the alterations include;

new tires and rims (off the talbot, modified)
new lights and fogs
lightscreens (off the talbot)
new brakes (off the talbot)
all new suspension
altered grill
body shortened at nose by 8 inches( it is supposed to look punched in)
body openings under grill
new marker lights
new windshieds
right-hand drive
Removed hood panels. hinges, toneau snaps, rear fender shields, roll bars
new rad cap
new hood profile and mini grill
new fender supports
new exhaust
new taillights

There are still a few things I might do if they're visible in my final comp. Although not completely accurate, it is a decent representation and should suit my needs for the project.

Thanks for your interest


Hi. A little embarrassing but here's what I have so far on my driver. Keep in mind this is my first attempt at a bi-ped. All LOL and ROFL comments are welcome. Any serious crits and assistance would be very much appreciated.