1969 Plymouth Road Runner


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Looks great, I'm curious about the undercarriage.... could you turn it around and show us some screenshots of it????

What program are you using or what render engine will you use to render it??? maybe I could help...

Thanks namreg, undercarriage is just simple but i tried to imitate the original one...

i'm using 3dmax 2011 and vray, now i'm testing light and render settings for studio lighting... walk slowly...:awe:



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That uc is looking good, not much more needed if you see it right from an usual camera.
Sorry but I'm a Maya and Mental Ray user, can't give you any advice but to look around internet and try to find a nice HDR image and use it as an environmental lighting.

Good luck, see you at the goal line :D
Hi, i uploaded my car's renders...
Thats is damn beautiful. i wish i could figure out how to use profesional programs like that. I'm stuck with Skechup for now. You could make a Plymouth superbird from that ;) Plymouth superbirds where made from Roadrunners Witch was the same car as the Dode charger witch created the Dodge charger daytona. the car that inspired the creation of the Superbird for stockcar racing. Now im blabbing :p

Well like i said. That is some beautiful work.