1973 Datsun 240z with 350 chevy motor.

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It went for $1275 That gives me about $6000 to spend on goodies. Woo!

And it is both a great deal and a little bent... I'm getting a strong smell of fuel coming into the cabin too.
Its pretty trashed but I like it. Cant wait to see what you do with this.

Tried to find one of these myself but all way to expensive. 240 is a sort after thing.


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Made a start, I've borrowed the wheels from a lotus for the moment.

My plan is to try and resist the urge to restore the car, and buy lots of things to bolt onto it. For instance I'm fairly sure one of my first purchaces will be, these fenders.


car- $1275

shopping list
wide fenders - $840


looks nice, but to be honest i fear that for this contest you are going to need thicker and heavier steel fenders instead for fiberglass :p


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Thanks guys, Ryckyss, I'm afraid fiberglass is going to feature quite heavily in this build.:artistic:

Reading the original ad again I'd better spend a bit of cash addressing these problems.

"This car has been in storage for 5 years,very little surface rust,NO rust THRU ,needs PAINT and clutch slave cylinder and a brake line leak."

84-92 T5 Camaro Hydraulic Linkage Slave Cylinder

Russell Street Legal Brake Line Assembly - JDM parts: Honda, Toyota, Nissan - Japanese aftermarket and performance car parts 1970-1973 NISSAN 240Z

Car $1275
Set braided brake lines $78.28
Slave cylineder for chevy t5speed. $62.50

Total Spent - $1415.78

Shopping list
Wide fenders - $840
Special Item - $1200
Great modeling technique, I want to try this for my next car. And interesting animation you're providing us, haha. Keep it up, looking forward to the details.


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Bit more progress, started on the rear. Added the particularly bent bumper that came with the car, need to smash that rear lens too, and bash in the rear valence unless I can afford to replace them...

Also looking at wheels...
Found this handy tool to help understand wheels sizes

Right now I fancy these 18x10s all round

18x10wheels $125 each.
LSD Motorsports: XXR 521 Wheel Flat Gunmetal 18x10 +25 5x4.5/5x120

But I need an adapeter to fit 5 bolt wheels onto teh old hubs, so a set of these, for the back

5 lug adapter_rear. 160pair
Welcome to Modern Motorsports Ltd!

And I'll have to keep looking for the front unless I get these, at a massive $500...
Welcome to Modern Motorsports Ltd!

So to put these wheels on costs me $1160 without tires.

lowering springs,$200
The Z Store! Nissan-Datsun 240Z-260Z-280Z-280ZX-300ZX(Z31/Z32)-350Z-370Z Parts: Eibach Progressive Spring Kit, 70-8/74 240Z-260Z Coupe

Hey Namreg, I rarely use the lattice, sometimes the soft modification tool, but mostly it's all just moving verts. Looking forward to you renault by the way, those cars are great.



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I probably will end up replacing them, I have a plan for the tail that will render the bumpers useless anyway.

I want to build the exact car I bought, in all it's bent up glory. Then, when it's all done, go into upgrading it and revel the final monster.
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