1973 VW Type III Fastback

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Thanx ... I of course will have to do it in my style.... LOL

I have spent $2250usd for the VW and had $7240usd to start so that gives me $4990 to pimp (upgrade/improve) it !!

This should be fun.... lets see... wheels, tires, suspension lowering.... maybe some other stuff.... a cheap paint job....

New stuff for the Type 3

Well I decided that the old, tired engine was not going to cut it for this challenge. So I decided on a new High Performance engine.

Also got new wheels and some radial tires for it.... see below

Money ....
$7240 usd to start
-$2250 for car
-$3699 for engine
-$600 for wheels
-$399 for tires

Leaves $292 to play with yet



Thanx ...

I don't know if I am gonna "win" or not but as always, I am having fun working on this....

I will be updating it soon.... Just got the new engine put in :)

Latest render....

Here is the latest...

Got the new engine in and removed all the bumpers (for weight) and put the VW logo back on the front....

Trying to do mods that don't cost a lot as I don't have a lot left ....

C&C always welcome...



More work done .... can't sleep

Having a hard time sleeping this early morn, so I got up and started working on the Fasty again....

Figured out how to get the correct paint color for the body (bring photo into Photoshop and use eyedropper to get RBG numbers then transfer to Lightwave 3D surface) so I corrected that.

Also started on the interior and put the door handles on....

Here's what it looks like...




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I have few suggestions :)
Since you are modeling a cartoon style car, may be you should modify it a bit in that way.
(non of this suggestions are for the contest, if you like some you could use them in the contest, but i think that since it's already a cartoon car for this kind of contest , that's enough)
My first suggestion is that you add eye's to it, for example instead of front lights he could have eye's
Second: This car looks like a geek, soo may be a set of geek glasses, and the VW logo is perfect to imitate the nose for the center of glasses :) side mirrors could be like ears to set the glasses there or he could have some set of glasses like in Matrix where they hang only on the nose xP
last but not least ofc the mouth , they could be just between the side indicators :D where the in depth is just on top of where the bumpers should be.

and stuff like that would be cool ^^ like in Cars: The movie

Ahhhhh.... No.... I don't think so. Not my style .. that is for all the people trying to do cars for Cars: The movie. No Thanks



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:p would be a cool geek character xD
but never mind then :)

On topic : You should use higher turbosmooth, the in-depth for the door handle looks strange.
also you have pinches on the ends of the side car line ? dunno how to call it :S
Everything else looks good.

ahh ye one more question: Why don't you ever show the rear of your car ?
OldDog ... Thanx I am working on the insets for the door handles and smoothing the side line also...
I am working on the rear of the car at this moment and will be showing it... just need to work on exhaust and license plate area more.

If you look at the finals of the superbird from the last contest, there are a few renders of the rear.... But most of the time it is the least interesting part of the car and most people don't really want to see it much.

Fasty Latest Update

Well decided to buy a set of racing stripes and put the Panscrapers decal on the rear window (since they helped me lower the car). Also buffed and waxed the paint and got some shine now.... still have the primer spot on the front fender, but I kinda like it.

Gotta get license plates and maybe some racing exhaust .... have to see what that costs

C&C Welcome




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So funny, you've got talent man. Next car I make will be a "Cartoony car Tinpau style", I promise :D (any cartoonCarModelling tutorial in mind???) :p
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