1973 VW Type III Fastback

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namreg - sorry not really ... Digital Tutors has a cartoon vehicle tutorial in Maya, but is it way different from what I do. The biggest thing I can say that helps is to have a good drawing/blueprint to work from... I have a friend that draws like I think and I use his drawings to start and work from. But certainly let me know when you are ready and I would love to help you .

BookMaker - Yeah I am not too fond of the shine either.... guess I will dull it down again. :)

Thanx for the comments ...



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I saw that tutorial, I don't like it, I like your style a lot, lot more. I think I saw some drawings of the friend you talk about, maybe in one of your old posts. Loved it :D

Could you post the drawing he made for this one??? That would be cool to see.....

:thumbsup: Waiting for more :thumbsup:

Namreg - I had him (Aran) shoot me just a quick side view for the Fasty.... He was very busy but whipped it up in less than a day.

This is what I started working off of....




Updates.... Bought a dual muffler and header kit for $145.25 and some PCV pipe for about $15. PVC pipe I heated, bent and used to extend the intakes so the dual air cleaners can sit out in the fresh cool air

Andyflagg- Well the drawing was a general guide to proportions and stuff... the model is a little different.

Leaving me about $64 yet....



It loooks INSANE!!!! theres only one thing i would add, and thats rally style X tapes on the headlights if you know what i mean. It would add to the racer feel. But its ur car so u decide, but great work, im surprised u havnt won one of these contests yet.
Tried the X tapes on the headlights and just for some reason didn't look right ... so I removed them.

Still working on interior and that stuff....

really cool hand draw from ur friend...
ur model is loking good, i like the cartoon style.... I think it would look more cartoony if you:

-add the vents that are in the drawing to the side of the car.

-deform the wheels and those air filters.

hope u use some of these ideas... u would get my vote!
STIG ??? I feel stupid... What's a STIG ??
If you've watched an episode of top gear u'll know what it is. The Stig is the anonymous official test driver of the top gear show. Hes all dressed in a white racing suit and helmet and you never see his face, they don't say who he is either. Watch an episode and u'll get what i mean. Or google it (Top Gear Stig). I think it would look good in the top gear challenge to have a cartoon version of Top Gear's main character standing next to your model.
the stig-
The Stig is responsible for setting lap times for cars tested on the show, as well as instructing celebrity guests in the show's Star in a Reasonably Priced Car section. (see "Role" below) There have currently been 3 Stigs - The first Stig started on episode 1, but was killed off in the first episode of series 3. The second Stig appeared in the next episode, and lasted until series 15. The third Stig took over from December 2010. -wikipedia
Latest on the Type III

Well after getting the interior almost done I found out that the cooling wasn't real great.... so I cobbled together some side scoops and that seemed to fix the problem :)

Slowly working on little things and I also improved the side body line to be more correct.

C&C Welcome and I am still looking for a STIG to drive this rocket !!!



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