1973 VW Type III Fastback

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If we give you some views of the STIG, would you model it? You should work that slit behind the door handle, I guess it needs more resolution.


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Nice work tinpau! Hadn't seen these posts before, I had an idea of modeling Stig but you ruined it! :D Just kidding mate, I'll see if I can do it anyway! :)
it looks like the cut out for the door handle could use some more polys, its looking kinda edgy instead of round and smooth but i really like the side scoops.
Looks great! It might be an idea to add some transparency to the rear lights and the blinkers though. Would add a bit to the realism. But that's just my 2 cents :) Keep it up!
Its your choice, but the way i imagined you were going to do the STIG was to have him standing next to the car with his arm leaning on the roof. To make him look cartoony you could make the head larger in comparison to the body and emphasize the visor on the helmet. Make it really reflective. So basically you need a cartoony human shape with a large head all dressed in white with a white racing helmet on. I think your friend who does the sketches for the car might be able to help you design Tinpau style STIG. Those were my ideas, do what you want with them, and good luck with it. Cant wait to see final renders.
Stig is partially done.... but waiting for him to be complete to show him

Thanx to everyone for all the encouragement, tips and ideas!!
You all make these contests so much fun...

man i wish i could make molds for fiberglass, this would make for one cool kids go kart. i cant wait to see your Stig

Andyflag: I can mold fiberglass, gokart is a great idea, i was going to attempt an approx 1:24 scale model out of resin. Maybe in the future if i have more of a budget i could make a gokart. Whatever it is i make, i shall post it here.

p.s. making fiberglass molds aint that hard to do, if you want more info on them pm me.
Well I was supposedly working with someone on using some of my designs for toys, but alas, he was full of it and never came through....he wasn't using my designs as much as using me. But I certainly would love to work with some toy company or someone who could make and sell these as toys or kits.

Stig is coming along well .....

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