1977 Ford Fairlane ZH

Here's the finished model of a 1977 Ford Fairlane ZH's body. Please note the following...

- The file is a 3DS Max 9 file-type.
- Triangle count is 39,500.
- Model is un-UVW-mapped, but will be in a future version.
- No interior, but will be one in a future version.
- Model has no wheels... Find some elsewhere!!
- The only badges on the model are the ones that remained constant throughout the ZH line, so if you want a Marquis, you're makin' it yourself ;)

If you choose to use this model for something, no need to ask unless it's for commercial purposes, in which case just swing me an email... Don't forget to credit me, and don't try and palm it off as your own work, 'cos this one is the only one out there 8)

Check back in the future for later versions of this file!!



Lamborghini President
I love your mesh doc.
Some areas are a but strange reflecting (front bumper) tho, but it looks awesome.

PS. Of course guess who did these perfect rims :D


Oh that's just naaasty, Krystian :grin:

I've taken note of that bumper (and the rear one since it's 90% the same) and with see what I can do to fix it for the next release version :)

...aaand Catlin... Are you sick or something?? Krystian beat you to it and out-pimped you dude!! Bit slow on yo game, playa :wut: In all seriousness man, above anyone else I'm keen just to see what you can cook up with her ;)
Sorry younglion, but it doesn't seem to wanna export to a .obj :( If there's another file-type that Max can Export and most other programs can use, let me know :)
i think i fixed some of your problems Dr.

you see there was this ford badge on the front, now that no good, so i got rid of that quick smart.

then i gave it a proper engine, i just dont think those ford engines will do so i put a 7.4L SBC in it, it should be good now.

i think its good to go, right?


yeah it was one of the early verson of the twin turbo setup for the camaro, one of 3 or 4 i think


you also notice the superier place of the dissy?

(i am sorry, my friend is a massive ford fan as well, and i always point out the stupid placement of the dissy)
Thats fantastic work Doc. Seemed to get it done in no time.:)

Stupid dizzy placement is designed to make you throw spanners around your garage. Holden V8 is the same.:(
Haha, yeah man... It's what happens when you've done nothing but poly-modeling the entire time you've known 3D, coupled with ridiculous hours straight of just churning her out :p

Tonight's been the first night I have not worked on her in some way in the past few days... It's 5am and I just got back from the City, so I'm gonna stick to it and not touch her 'till tonight :grin: