1996 Buick Roadmaster sedan

Alright, here it is, finally! Release of the 1996 Buick Roadmaster​


Special Thanks to:

Stiopa for friendship, converting and handling
Lt.Caine for friendship and converting
Costar for friendship and help
Sam1970 for friendship and reference pictures
Pumbars for friendship and reference pictures
RobZombie for friendship and car colors
[LLC]NelsoN for friendship and YT-video
Buick for such a wonderful car
Autodesk for 3D Studio Max 2010
Adobe for Photoshop CS3
and the best community of all times, the GTA community!

====Old post:====​

Alright, I need a small break from my War of the worlds project, so I modeled this beauty, the Buick Roadmaster Sedan. Its going to be as detailed as the Impala, maybe Ill make some tuningparts so you can tune it as a lowrider or sth like that :uhh: It took me 4 days/~20 hours, only some small details of the exterior left. I might add some additional polies on some places.

Zmodeler2 got a export script for GTA IV 3d models so theres a really good chance to get it into IV as well. Im going to create some normals/specmaps for every texture so everything looks even better than in San Andreas. We got a next gen game engine, so why not using it.:D

Pictures were taken with Xoliuls viewport shader 1.3

Thanks to Multimediaman for his awesome photoblueprints. they arent perfect but helped me alot to get everything right.:)



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w00t for roadmasters XD

though are you sure about the rear pillars of the car? I don't remember it looking quite like that, but then again, I dunno.

good to see more good 'ole american cars though, that's for sure :D


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I really like your polyplacement and the door lines. The champhers are so .... I´d say perfect.
Thanks Tom, Im glad you like it :D great to hear sth like that :)

@MMM: Well, heres my reference, Ill add some more polies, maybe it looks a bit different then^^

And yeah, there should be way more cars like that, we need more Cadillacs and Buicks here on SMC xD You should do some more 3d work again...

I might join the Contest but that would mean alot of additional work :/
nice one, good to see another car by you! the big cars are sure nice to see...I wish I could find the time to work on my Fleetwood. same platform different wheelbase as this. recently found out DTS cad is dead after 09 and no replacements for it, old project to go to rear wheel drive was scrapped when Bankruptcy was filed. the dealer I bought my car from is out of business after 55 years :( I see Cadillac Europe was affected too with BLS but that car is not in same league with the big un's
@Tiberius: yeah, read that. really bad to see what happens with GM and their dealer network right now. Well, it cant be much worse so Im looking forward to better times.^^

@TomiL: thank you! Theres no special trick to model it like I do, just use some polyrows at the right places (I mean all the seams and edges lol) and nothing can go wrong. :)

Heres an update, modeled the trunk, didnt take very long. Well, atleast I did something today.^^


One of my Favorite current threads! :) I was also reading up on the work of Bad Religion's 94 Crown Victoria on the other site. I am always happy to see people doing the regular cars. in the future the regular cars are the ones that become more rare because most are recycled due to poor drivers and the remaining ones price goes up.