1997 BMW 540i E39

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Gebrauchtwagen: BMW, 540, V8 Facelift / Leder, Benzin, ? 2.780,- AutoScout24 Detailansicht

So Im gonna get myself this beautiful 1997 540i from Autoscout for only 2780 Euro. I got 2220 Euro left for other stuff. The ad says engine and tranny are okay, its got the facelift headlights and taillamps and only about 200k km (kinda hard to believe for that money...). Unfortunatly its only an automatic but I like the rims and the color is alright.


Price list:

1997 BMW 540iA - 2790,00 Euro
Gebrauchtwagen: BMW, 540, V8 Facelift / Leder, Benzin, ? 2.780,- AutoScout24 Detailansicht

M5 style sidemirrors - 183,98$/130,00 Euro

M5 style bumpers and foglights - 399,95 Euro
Stoßstangen BMW E39 M5 Paket Limousine vorne + hinten | eBay

M5 Style 65 rims and tires - 1100$/772,50 Euro
E39 1996-2003 For Sale TRADE or SALE: Staggard M5 Wheels + New Tires - The Unofficial BMW M5 Messageboard (m5board.com)

M5 style spoiler lip - 30 Euro
BMW E39-Forum - Ihnen wird der Zutritt zu dieser Seite verwehrt.

Remus Race exhaust - 900$/632 Euro
E39 1996-2003 For Sale E39 M5 Remus Race Exhaust For Sale - The Unofficial BMW M5 Messageboard (m5board.com)


Results in 4754 Euro totally spend on the car and parts.

Im not sure yet if Im gonna add any mods to it, I will update the list with links and prices when I decided what to buy.:)


you are not buying an american car? no way :| but i love this e39 goodluck with modeling it ! and good luck with your real car :D


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Really a good work so far, surely u'll continue this way watching at how good your skill is.

Btw, it just remains a mistery to me how Max works, never understood anything of that software (never seriously tried either, bt if a program is un-natural and not intuitive for me, i can't get it of course)


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I haven't even started yet but you already have so much done! :D Now when I have fixed my car I should get to modeling. And I was quite surprised that you are modeling hi-poly and non-American car. :D Good luck mate!
Thanks alot guys, comments are really appreciated. :D

@Kangal: What software package are you using? Ive been working with 3ds max for over 6 years now and love it. And Ive been working with maya for a short time in school and really hated it, even the copy/paste shortcuts dont make any sense at all. A couple of other students are working with it as well and I havent heard one benefit of Maya yet, actually pretty much always negative stuff compared to Max (the fact that you have to use a button/function over and over again to extrude a polygon while you only have to press shift in max would be killing me).

Klobsters: Haha yeah. Well, like I said I wanted to model the E39 anyway since I plan to buy one and I could check wheels, paint or other parts and see if they look great before I actually buy the stuff. Its a highpoly mesh because I didnt have a highpoly car in my portfolio yet.

rickyss: I dont know if Im gonna find the time to add an interior, but I will try. :) No engine, trunk or undercarriage this time tho. :D


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Well...i use Sketch Up....its big problem is the difficulty to manage an hipoly model above all.
Sorry to be off topic, your model is great btw :)
Hehe no problem and thanks again. :D

Alright, heres an update. Added the rearbumper, roof, b-pillar and windows. Next step would be details like pdc sensors, door handles, mirrors, windshield wippers, badges, taillights and lots of other stuff. And wheels ofcourse, dunno which ones yet.


Haha dunno, I actually got more than enought other work to do. :)

Alright, the cars almost done, only side mirrors, wippers and a couple of normalmaps for tires and lights missing. Modeled the styling 33 alloy wheels that came with the car and put some random tires I had a photo of on them. I might add the interior later.

I used most of the 3 last days to get back into Vray to make some testrenders though. The image attached was my first (almost) completed render of the car (I know abit dark). And heres my problem and I really hope someone with enought knowledge can give me some tips there. Ive been setting up a scene for my car (roughly 1,5M tris with 4 wheels), placed a couple of planes with a gradient vray material on them and lit them with Vray plane lights for the reflections. 2 normal spotlights for the background illumination and shadow. The car and background are using Vray materials only. But I have no idea why my test render is taking 17! hours, even though its just like 490px wide, no AA.

You can see my Vray settings and some materials in the attachment, I mostly created them like shown in some tutorial so Im not sure if they are the reason (subdivs were lowered before rendering to increase speed). The lightcache prepass only takes a couple of minutes, the GI prepasses like 2 hours max. Whats taking the majority of the time is rendering the image at the end, especially the region around the windshield/frontfender/frontdoors where its taking ages to finish anything. I dont know if its the blurry reflections or the stuff causing the reflection, but I really dont wanna wait that long anymore. You can find my PC stats above this post.

I really hope some experienced Vray guys can help me here. :)

EDIT: Just noticed on the screens the reflect/refract interpolation settings, havent changed those, so those are still standart settings. Could those be the reason for the long rendertimes?


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