1998-2002 Toyota Supra MkIV


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Year-by-Year changes and production numbers for the 4th generation Toyota Supra

1993.5 Model Year

-Fourth Generation Toyota Supra Introduced.

-93.5 Production Numbers:
2,819 Total Supras Sold
1,494 were twin turbos (233 6spd/hardtops, 431 6spd/targas, 830 4spd auto/targas)
1,325 were non-turbos (1,113 targas, 212 hardtops)

1994 Model Year

-Complete Carry-Over from 93.5
-Cal/NY emmissions {optional}
-ALR {auto locking retractors for seat belts}

-Exterior colors: 93.5 -94
040 super white
1A1* anthracite metallic
199* alpine silver
202 black
3L2* renaissance red
752* baltic blue
*clear coat

-94 Production Numbers:
3,488 Total Supras Sold
2,996 were twin turbos (75 6spd/hardtops, 1708 6spd/targas, 1213 4spd auto/targas)
492 were non-turbos (413 targas, 79 hardtops)

1995 Model Year

-CAL/NY/MASS. emissions {optional}
-Rear spoiler on base models{optional}
-Audio systems redesigned.
-"key-off" operation added all models{PW/PL operated after 60 sec of key to off position}
-SE package on non-turbo models

-Exterior colors:
040 super white
1A1* anthracite metallic
199* alpine silver
202 black
3L2* renaissance red
752* baltic blue
*clear coat

-95 Production Numbers:
2,347 Total Supras Sold
806 were twin turbo (18 6spd/hardtops, 526 6spd/targas, 262 4spd auto/targas)
1,541 were non-turbos (495 targas, 1046 hardtops)

1996 Model Year

-Engine management system now OBDII.
-Cloth rear seat replaces vinyl on models without leather
-Tow bar fitting brackets are discontinued
-New exterior color Deep Jewel Green pearl
-Deleted exterior color Anthracite Metallic
-The ABS has been changed to the 2 position solenoid valve type actuator.{less clutter in engine bay}. Changed from a 4-channel ABS to a simpler 3-channel system.
-The TRAC button has the addition of "snow" feature along with the "off" function.
-TRAC system no longer functions in part through the ABS system

Non-turbo only:
-Heated mirrors deleted
-Power seat not available with cloth drivers seat.
-Audio head unit change.
-SE model deleted models for 96 non-turbos

Turbo only:
-All Supra Turbos with 6spd's discontinued
-Supra Turbo Targa's discontinued till Jan 96{jan96-aug96 production}

-Exterior colors:
040 super white
199* alpine silver
202 black
3L2* renaissance red
6P3* deep jewel green pearl
752* baltic blue
*clear coat

-96 Production Numbers:
284 Total Supras Sold
88 were twin turbo (0 6spd/hardtops, 0 6spd/targas, 88 4spd auto/targas)
196 were non-turbos (168 targas, 28 hardtops)

1997 Model Year
-The multi-reflector type headlamps are adopted. Parking lamp removed and moved into front turn signal housing. Dark Grey background.
-The re-design of the front turn signals [parking lamp added, lens clear]
-Front bumper cover [a single horizontal bar added to center of large radiator opening]
-Rear tail lamps have been changed. [dark grey background].
-The front seats have been changed to integrated headrest type without changing their basic design. (Harness Belts will no longer pass through)
-Standard High Solar Energy Absorbing Glass {HSEA}
-Heated Mirrors deleted {all models}
-Instrument panels, door switch panels, console shift panel, painted argent color.
-6-speed Getrag Transmission again available on Twin Turbos
-Longer shift handle{.75in} 6 speed only.
-An aluminum radiator is added to the turbo models to save weight.
-Gas cap hanger on gas door Standard
-Torsen Limited-Slip now an option on Automatic equipped twin turbos
-The Brake Master Cylinder diameter has been increased on the TT models.
-Parking brake system up-graded on NA models for [ rear rotors and parking brake change]
-Various areas of the suspension system have been revised to improve riding comfort, in addition, this provides excellent stability, and controllability, i.e., (I think this just means different springs and shocks) Brace rod for rear suspension has been relocated, and engine shock absorber was changed from mono tube to twin tube gas filled absorber type.
-Reinforcements and gussets have been newly added to the bottom of the front and center pillars.
-Energy absorbing pads are provided on the door trim, at the upper shoulder and lower arm rest areas.
-Sunvisors in vinyl material instead of cloth from earlier years.{easy to clean}
-Vinyl parking brake handle.
-Sound absorbing material is newly provided in the front pillar and in the rear quarter panels to reduce road noise.
-The material of sound absorbing material used in the trim and garnish has been changed.
-The illuminated entry system has been discontinued.
-A 1-sensor type air bag system has been adopted.
-"Supra" script add to passenger side aig bag cover.
-The cruise control system has a new motor type actuator, functions have been changed.{less clutter in engine bay}
-Added the word "turbo" next to "Supra" script on deck lid.
-Polished alloy wheels with chrome center caps, valve stems, caps and weights [TT]. New design on center caps [NA models].
-’97 only’ offered "Anniversary Edition" Included Badging on fenders and embroidered floor mats.
-The word "turbo" added to the gold kits.

-97 Exterior colors:
040 super white
199*alpine silver
202 black
3L2*renaissance red
6P3*deep jewel green pearl
8L5*royal sapphire pearl [RSP]
*=clear coat

-97 Production Numbers:
1,621 Total Supras Sold
1,177 were twin turbos (0 Hardtops, 768 6spd/Targas, 409 4spd Auto/Targas)
444 were non-turbos (126 Hardtops, 318 Targas)

1998 Model Year

-A "3 spoke" design steering wheel replaced the previous "4 spoke" model.
-Rear spoiler now standard on ALL models {n/a-tt}.
-VVTi - new for non-turbo models.
-Stereo Head Unit redesigned yet again.
-Webing removed from around the lug nuts to reduce wheel weight slightly

-98 Exterior colors:
040 super white
1B9 quick silver
202 black
3L2*renaissance red
6Q7 imperial jade mica
8L5*royal sapphire pearl[RSP]
*=clear coat

-98 Production Numbers:
~680 Total Supras Produced
~416 were twin turbos (0 hardtops, ~279 6spd/targas, ~137 4spd auto/targas)
~264 were non-turbos (~36 hardtops, ~228 Targas)

1999 Model Year

-Supra no longer sold in the United States

2002 Model Year
-Supra production stopped in Japan


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