2 fast 2 furious Lancer

Well name speaks for itself. Most of front bumper done except for the side intakes and just some tweaking here and there. And also, ill get rid of the hood intake on the other side later when im 100% doen with the front.



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Looks very good, but the horizontal part in the middle of the front side intakes is thicker on the real car, and it extends farther forward. Yours is too deep inside the intake. It also seems that your main hood intakes are a little small..
Very nice, I love that car and the color you got, could you pls share your prints and tell me how you did that lovely color? If you do that you are my hero
Small Update.

Bout the blueprints, they are just the lancer prints posted by sub-zuez but the rally version once the high res too.

About carpaint, ill post that when i come back, right now ima go get me some mcdonalds cuz im starvin.


check the image, basically, add a slight curve in the center piece, more of a curve in the hole, and round off the edge at the corner.