2007 Brabus CL600

Catlin don't be decieved, this guys models look high poly but they really are low.......crazy genius you are Tonn, awesome work so far as usual
Great job Taunis. No complaints here and indeed it does look high poly so nice job. However are you just going to tease us with those shots and not provide a look at some wires? ;)
This along with the new C class are the best looking mercs in recent years and your model does the car justice. It looks stunning for a non-highpoly car. I have been thinking of modeling one but it probably wouldn`t have looked as good as this and it would have had more polies. If you want i can put this into Racer, do the sounds and the physics file.

cheers 8)
Thank you for the comments!

@Nik - I will be making an interior but I`m not sure about the engine yet.
@AandreiI - When finished this probably will be too high poly for races but we`ll see.

Here are the wires, some areas may look too dense but those are the areas that looked better with current edge loops (I tried cutting some poly but it didn`t look as good in some places).


This is very intriguing. I'm very unfamiliar with XSI though. What do the blue lines mean in your wires? I also notice that for example there are blue lines under your front headlights making the (little slot under the headlights) However it doesn’t (appear) to conform to the mesh around it. I am however pleased with how you are in tune with the lines of the car. Though I see you kind of ran into a problem in the rear above the taillights where the rear frame meets over the taillights.
@Catlin - That`s because I used meshsmooth (subdivison in XSI terms) in some places, later removing some edges and editing the mesh.

@Icekid84 - The blue lines are disconnected or the very outer edges of the mesh (it`s actually the same). The headlightwasher slot isn`t actually modeled in the bumper but howering over it (an idea I got from Slice56 from cg-cars), it works quite good as I wouldn`t have known if I didn`t see the wire. I didn`t get where I have the problem, the trunk, rear quarter and the taillight are separate objects so I don`t find it neccesary to have all their edeges "meet"... though I would agree if you think it would be more aesthetically correct if they did.
Thank you for the comments! It`s just over 20k tris for now.

BTW I guess this topic could be moved to the lowpoly forum now that there is one.



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I think the issue where the tail lights and the bodywork meet up that IceKid was mentioning was how the tail lights' vertices and edges don't match the edges or other structure on the bodywork... this is especially noticeable in the upper corner of the tail lights towards the inside of the car, you've got an area where in three columns of edges (edgeloops) on the tail light, there's about 5 or 6, maybe even 7 edgeloops on the bodywork...

looks nice though... I myself am thinking the key to successful high-poly modeling is sometimes not getting bothered when some floating elements don't match precisely vertex-per-vertex with their surrounding elements.