2008 Freightliner Cascadia

Finally an update!

Fearing the cpu meltdown of my laptop only clay screens today. Finished the lowpoly and highpoly model of the trailer.

Final polycounts:

Truck: 4994 of 5000tris
Wheels truck: 2000 of 2000tris :p
Trailer: 1977 of 2000tris
Wheels trailer: 1920 of 2000tris

Next step would be unwrapping and baking :/


Thanks guys. :)

@johnas: Nope :D I started unwrapping yesterday, I will bake my textures as soon as I dont have to do that on my laptop anymore, which will be about in a week. :)
Unrapped the whole truck and baked normal and ambient occlusion maps. More details for tires and chrome parts will be added via nDo in photoshop.

1 2k texture for the truck, 1 2k for the trailer, propably 1 1k for the wheels.


I think Im done with this. Im gonna add some basic interior and transparent windows for my portfolio after the contest is over, I didnt have any polies left for those.

Screens right out of Max' viewport, Xoliuls viewportshader and post shaders used for presentation since no rendering or photoshop was allowed.


Thanks. :D I added an simple interior and some more details to the texture. I also improved the chrome and tire materials.

Note that the interior adds 442 tris to the above mentioned polycount of the truck. Im not sure if thats okay or if you guys use the screens of the version that hasnt got one for the contest. :)