2014 Lexus IS250 F-Sport Competition Entry

Deviantart is holding a contest to design an aerokit for the new 2014 IS250 F, and I decided to hop on it. You guys should enter as well because the competition is lacking right now. Deadline is in ~25 days. Here's what I've been able to complete in 2 days. Right now I'm laying down the mesh, then I'll worry about accuracy later. I used Autodesk Image Modeler to lay down important coordinates, which makes modeling 100x easier.
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Thanks guys. Refined the rear end to be more accurate but it's not 100% yet. Laid down the basic mesh for the front as well.
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Been super busy with other things, but I'm back on this again. 13 more days to finish it, and hopefully will have the rear bumper fully modeled as well within 2 days. That should leave me 11 days to somehow finish the rest. At the moment I'm still working on the front bumper, there are a few more features to add and to fix as well. The headlights are tricky! Here's my inspiration for this project. I think I will use the same wheels, we'll see.

I came up with the aero kit by doodling in Photoshop. I won't reveal the rear kit yet, expect some renders in 2 days.
Thanks guys! Would be sweet to be in the top 3.

@GrandeP - ATM, I'm using TS2, but I'm considering using a similar method later for the seams. The little cubes represent the coordinates of the car using image references; this way I'm able to accurately and quickly lay down a basic mesh. You can check out this thread http://smcars.net/forums/threads/photomodeling.38335/ for more info.

Right, I'm running behind schedule eek. No one really mentions this, but modeling does suck the energy out of you. Luckily I have House MD streaming so I'm not bored haha. Anyway, the bottom half of the rear end is finished. 9 days 21 hours as of this posting until the deadline. Hopefully will have the rear completed by tomorrow and then I'll start working on the side. Stay tuned!
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The second pic shows how the wheel arc isn't well rounded. Probabilly it is rounded in the side views, but not from this camera.
A little crease on the joint radiator/hood (upper right corner) and the nerve touching the wheel arc where the fillet is a bit distorted. A couple of issues too in the first pic of the last post, above all around the plate creek.
But, apart from that, it's a very nice work so far :)
Thanks Kangal, the front wheel arc needs work for sure still.

Spent a lot of time reworking the trunk and the rear arch region. Started looking at the roof and rear fender region but nothing refined yet. Meanwhile, I decided to get a start on the wheels. The lip of the rim and lugnuts will be fixed later. I will also make some new tires, but they will be generic to save time.
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Hi mate, if u want, to save time, u could use the BBS LM i did for the Fury. They're 49 MB each only and should work fine on your nice model too.

Immagine 1.jpg
Thanks for the offer, but I actually wanted to model Works VS-xx wheels instead.

Here's a preview of what might be one of the final renders, not too sure though. Model is almost finished, but the front still needs lots of work :[. I've got to model the headlights, tail lights, and grill somehow in the next 3 days. Wish me luck!


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The base model and the customization look OK, i really like what u did so far. Maybe i'll add 1 or 2 inches more to the rims diameter, but it's just a matter of tastes.
Good going buddy! The overall shape looks nice although I agree with both of em above..The wheels look too small compared to the body! :eek:
Thanks guys!

@yash, check this thread out http://smcars.net/threads/photomodeling.38335/ I haven't really read through the thread but if you have specific questions just message me. But basically, you load a number of reference images and start assigning so called 'locators.' The locators decide where specific points on the body are, but more importantly it sets up cameras to match the reference images you have. You can then export these locators and cameras to 3DS Max and start modeling. It's a great tool because it's fast and accurate.

I've now scaled the wheels to be 19 inches, which is what it was supposed to be. I was eying it earlier but you guys seem to have noticed hah. It's actually a pretty long car so once the door seams go in it'll look a little less small. But if you want 20 inches, let me know what you guys think. Here's a teaser before I show the final renders. Working on the window trims and car seams at the moment and I should get a start on the lights today and be done by tomorrow. I'm not too sure about the grill yet since it's a rather tedious design. I may have to make a simplified one to submit for the contest and come back later and do it properly.
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@advan thanks for that! I'm just lookin through the thread right now! Lets see if it helps me out! By the way the model looks pretty nice eh!