387 Peterbuilt with nascar hauler

rig i started last summer...my buddy kc got it redone it made it his own and has included a nascar hauler to go with it or make it a carhauler your choice...3dsmax 7 with brazil material ,3ds format ,and full template for rig and hauler in psp and psd format...located on our download page here www.volunteergraphics.com enjoy!!


i woud work,
that's not many,
i've got some cars that have more than 100k polys and they all work :wink:

BTW: My computer is penitum 3 / 733 mhz, so i can't make a DFF file :lol:


yeap i saw that on your site, took a look at it, hot model man. Nice polycount aswell perfect for vice city, to bad they dont allow trailers :(