3D Vehicle Render Competition

Hi guys, I just want to invite you to the ‘3D Vehicle Render Competition’, hope it sounds interesting and don’t looks like a spam :)

The competition is opened to any works (even the early ones), which has not been published anywhere before. It could be a 3D model of any vehicle, even fictional – there are no limits to artists’ imagination.

The main prize will be the publication of winning works in the 3DArtist magazine together with a small interview with the artists. Some works also will be published on CarBodyDesign. This is quite a valuable prize for those who want to declare themselves.

One of the features of the competition is the method of determining the winners. The site community will choose them by voting; therefore, everyone, even a beginner artist, has a good chance of winning. All submitted renders will be placed in a special gallery, where everyone who wants will be able to vote for the favorite artist.

The works should be submitted before the 1st of February, 2014. The results will appear nothing but in a week. So, hurry up to participate!

More information you can find in Google or on Humster3D site in 'Community' (My apologies but I can't post links).

Also, what you think about it?