40's Chevy-Fruehauf Combo


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Just decided to join the lowpoly truck contest instead of Muscle Car, and here's my choice:
40's Chevrolet Semi and Fruehauf Trailer (I guess I'll try the '46 conventional version of semi).
It's ZModeler Project, so I guess it's not going to be fast :)



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very interesting choice, looks like a good start, certainly going to be a challenge with all those curves :)

Are you building it out, then optimizing? just it looks quite heavy on the polys at the mo ;)
@greenvampire: It ain't so heavy for now, but if that's will be necessary - of course :) . And here's a small update - finally got some free time (983 verts, 1494 faces) - still ain't so smooth as I wanted, but overall work going pretty well: