6.gen Honda Civic hatch

Hey guys, it has been forever since I have been visiting here, been forever since I have been doing anything in 3dsmax... so here it is. I recently bought my very own 6gen Civic and decided it would be fun to model since I can pretty much look at every detail. I hope I can put it in a game eventually, maybe Next Car Game or something of my own.

I would very much appreciate any opinion on the wires etc. it has been too long since I have done these things, I wasn't very good at it to begin with. Feel free to shed some light on why the back of the car is shaded weirdly (I used mentalray to render).



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Hey, very nice. I love this generation of the Civics. I made the Coupe version lately for my own racing game that im working on. Your model looks great so far, but what the heck is going on in the back, with the taillights :)