60s Contest - "1963 Marcos 1800 GT"


Thanks for replies !

Icekid84, you're right about leather size. I still have to fix this issue, so stay tuned. The hole on the door isn't an hole, it was an interior panel too large; already fixed.

Erik_S, thanks !

Catlin, thanks !

Here're some new renders. I've started some old-school racing decoration, and also tried a true studio setup.

lovely renders. I like the second one the best, it has the clearest lighting, looks reallly lovely! About the interior,, it is stunning i only still don't like the leather of the seats. Still looks odd to me, the rest is just in 1 word: Perfect :)

At the third render, do you use vray? if you do, you can easily get teh shadows on the ground properly to set the secondary bounces from quasi-montecarlo to light map or the other option:grin: It's looks a bit odd this way!

Keep it going, you're a serious candidate!
The cars looking great, but one thing else bothers me. Is that car really that wide inside? You got any interior shots so I can take a look. Ive built interiors before and found later on they were sized too small for the car or too large. I mean from those shots it looks like its got the interior width of a Hummer H1.


Thanks for comments !

Erik_S, I agree with you about the 2nd render of my previous post, that's the reason why I've changed the studio setup to what you can see below as 1st render.
No, I'm not using Vray but YafRay, a free renderer nicely integrated with Blender. About the poor quality shadows, it's just because I lowered quality settings to save some render time. You can expect kickass renders for final entry ;)

IceKid84, I understood your point about interior width. It's just it's really small that makes it so wide. For example, a seat is only 47 cm wide. And the steering wheel is maybe too small at the moment, 24cm !

willi_44 (hi men ;)) I know about the studio setup so I worked on it. The leather needs work, I agree with you.

Update. As the contest deadline is really close, I spent some hours trying to find a good render style. I also added some stuff to the car. Todolist is still long o_O

Hi thom ;

it's better, I prefer the second render (reflections aren't very nice with the blue)
I think you have a problem with the bump on the tyres (a bit hard), Why don't you use the sidewall? It would be better.

And very nice this skin
Good blend ;)


Nicely done mate. It's a sure stand-out for the contest :)

I'm not a fan of the rubber material you've got on those tyres though... It looks all cracked and old, and doesn't really look like rubber at all, whereas the rest of the materials on the car are pretty much perfect ;)

Not long to go now!!
I dont need to really say anything in this topic, your doing great getting this one done and meeting the goal. But I do need to reply so I can dig your topic back out of the bottm I just put it .


Thanks for all the support, I really enjoyed your comments.

Here're the final renders. No free time until monday, so I have to stop it now.

Excellent work on this one its really nice looking and if anything its good to see such a rare car modeled. Though the pure white scene Ive never been a big fan of ;)


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Very nice work dude :) But same like MAXXX said, you should improve your render. HDRI, headlight material, shadows is too hard... BUT modelling your is brilliant!