60s Contest: 1966 Lamborghini Miura


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Hi, here comes my started model of Lambo, I know there is a lot of bumps in bottom of bumper but I still working on it. I'm expecting 250k-300k polies (mid-poly).

And I want to ask some questions:

1) Why some Miuras on ref pics doesn't have side mirrors.

2) What is the different between late (Miura SV - 1972) and early (Miura - 1966) versions of it, 'cos I see some Lambos with (I don't know what exactly is it) "grills?" around headlights.


nice, watch the bottom of the bumper though, you got bumps there,
for your q's
1) maybe the owners thought they were badass, and didn't want to see the cops in their mirrors whilst flying down roads at 130mph, :p I have no idea on that one.

2) i know that the SV was like a special version of the miura, from what I know, better performer, so there may have been subtle exterior design schanges as well

hmmm dont know if you know this site but its good for refs. Lamborghini by kldconcept - Fichiers multimedias - Garage Virtuel - Lambo for Ever

dont know what language it is, but its easy to work out, just click the car of your choice at the side


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Thanks for comments. That round places (like bottom of bumper) is really hell of bumps. That is disaster...

1) maybe the owners thought they were badass, and didn't want to see the cops in their mirrors whilst flying down roads at 130mph, :p I have no idea on that one.
Nice one ;)

About ref pics, I have it a lot in hi-res.
SV stands for Super Volante (extra fast) or something. That one didn't have the grilles as far as I know.

Good luck, looks good already :)


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Thanks for help. I read from Wikipedia, there is actually 3 main models, P400, P400S and P400SV. NightEye has right:
The SV can be distinguished from its predecessors from its lack of "eyelashes" around the headlights, wider rear fenders to accommodate the new 9-inch wide rear wheels...
so I have to make those grills 'cos SV were from 1971.

Here is link for P400 image.

BTW Tom has right about name (Veloce - in Italian mean fast, Volante - steering wheel
;) )



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@ibeam: very very thanks for that ;) I have always problems with triages in wire, thanks a lot.
@NightEye: Haha you're right :) :grin:

Progress on back, I don't have Vray installed for now so there is only Max view ScreenShots:



When looking at picture attached in post #10, I've noticed that the area above the back of the door that doesn't look as clean as it could be.

Can you post a front view of this area ?


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You mean that place (see attachment) Already fixed it :) again thanks for attention.

And little poll this time:

What exhaust tip is better:


3)Double (don't have pic, but this one is in blueprints)

And some pics on Miura:
Naked (only for adults:grin:) 1 2
Beautiful interior 1 2



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Why nobody don't want to comment my work (except Tom):eek:

Anyway, I make a render just for fun ;) I can just say the final render will be 5 or 10 times better ;) :grin:

Still need some details, but main shape is finished ;)



Don't worry with the fact people do or don't comment your work. It really doesn't matter !

About the muffler tip, I should go with the flat oval one, as most refpics shows it on SV.

Last render is interesting, but it still lacks of details. Keep it up, you're doing good job.
I agree with others - when i think Miura I think yellow car.
Paint looks a bit too glossy , sixties car paint wasn't so sophisticated, BUT - it's very sexy:)