68 Charger


WOW. this is amazing!
if we had a frontpage at the moment i´d put on there, even though we usually don´t feature WIP projects there all too often.

Thanks for the comments. :)

INST3D: I've included a pic. I didn't show before because I haven't really done much with it yet besides block out the shape. Need to do a lot of cleanup and detailing before I'm comfortable with it.

TwoOneOne: Thanks, appreciate it.

Davecox: Hi Dave, long time no see -- seems you dissapeared from 3dtotal.

Here's the floorpan, some framing, the K beam, and some minor fixes. Need to address a couple of accuracy issues. Gets hard to make everything fit when eyeballing the parts. :uhh:

Engine renders are a bit older, but figured I'd show some closeups.



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no doubt its getting very poly heavy... but damn... so worth it!

This is shaping up to be a fantastic project, I must request that you do some technical renders once its done, see-thru parts etc. :)