993 Porsche GT2

OMG.... Jeeze your giving up such a beautiful car.... I mean the work is amazing, lol But wow thats some great work, I hope that you get full credit with whatever happens to this.
SPECTACULAR! What a great car. You have done a lot of impressive work on this beastie. Thanks for showing it-- and offering it for download! Nice car! :D :D :D

You feeling ok?!?!

MAj!! No! Finish it. Nobody could do this justice enough to let it face the world! Only you, the man himself! Iys the most impressive piece of modeling and texturing work i have seen. Just for keep sakes, finish it. Surely keeping a portfolio of works like this will be usefull in later life. If you ever decide you want to go some kind of 3D modelling work, you gotta be able to show them this and say, look i made this... on my own with some pictures.

I am going to download and look at this. And play with it, but don't you dare give up. Come back to it in a month or two and finish it!
Wow.. :shock: wow.. :shock: WOW :shock: WOOHOOOHOOOOO!!!!

I mean.. wow!! WOW !!!!!!!! argh!!!

Amazing! Do you have it in .lwo?? For some reason, I can't open the .z3d. :cry:
T-Shine, what version of Zmod are you using?

It opened up fine for me with 1.07a. The model in person is truly impressive work, just needs some tiny smoothing on the exterior, but for the most part, i would say that this car is very nearly not an unfinished project. Very nice.

Thanks again majestic! :D

Yeah it sure looks goooood *drool* LoL now stop teasing me!!! :p
I'm using 1.07b..
It would be nicer in the .lwo format tho.. Since I've got no experience in exporting to any game at all hehe.. But doing some renders would be fun :D
may suck because of no damage and shit but ya know what im not surprised they didn't include damage i am not surprised im practicly one of the people that knew what the game would be exactly like without playing it and looking at it while in early stages



(on my bended knee) is it ok i can port it to GTA Vcie City?? pleaseee I can give you full credits etc...

I got a Ford ltd with 40,000 polygons or faces and it works pretty well on gta vice city
it was originally intended for gta3/vice city, the only game that can handle that many polys.

i'll try to dig out the lwo files, as they have the front stuff (suspension, gas tank, oil coolers)

those are untextured and thats about all thats left to do


you dont want to finish this freakin' super-high-detail (and for this lot of details low poly) super-porsche???
omg, all hell should break down over me, if this car will die on sum lonely harddisks!!!
pleasepleaseplease send me those lwo-files, cus i want to convert this monster to VC. of course i wont offer it without permission.
but please send me those files