AC Cars 427 SC (1966)

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and here's the update of this one too... the top-up version. And from this point on, I'm going to be doing the convertible prints with the top down, and the top up, in two different "blueprints" as seen here...
Hello, Maybe I wandered into the wrong place. I joined so I could access 427 Shelby Cobra BLUEPRINTS. Either I am having some kind of stroke or something but I dont see any BLUEPRINTS. Please advise.



Welcome to SMC, Michael4yah. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

I didn't get you for 2 points :
- You're posting in the AC Cars Cobra's thread, referring to the Shelby Cobra. Please take a look to the right thread :
- If by blueprints, you mean a black lines on white background, or white lines or blue background, you're constraining yourself too much. These shots took by multimediaman are really usable, and many cars don't have blueprints available except those by multimediaman.

Otherwise, you could have used the search function :