[Aircraft] Chinook


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american and japanese navy helicopters by ekim2m

i spent a lot of time with the tanks,planes,jeeps so i hope all u MARINES r happy

hey ice and zizo......if u dont want tanks...planes.....space shutles...and stuff of that nature let me know and i post no more,besides i think i'm going to puke if i see another plane or tank..lol(ice must know what i'm talking about !!)

also dont b shy to delete some of the really really small ones(i think 3)

and dont worry ICE even though it takes time 2 do i dont mind if u delete the bad ones...u b the judge and executioner !! 4 the bad prints

BTW i'm starting work on tuesday(50hrs a week)so if i do post it will b a couple a week cause i need 2 start modeling aswell

hope u like and i take a nice long cigarette break !!