[aircraft] USAF TR-3B


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This should belong to the so called ''Aurora project'', a very advanced next generation planes. The TR-3B seems to be the most advanced flying object ever, and it seems it's already flying in the sky since 5 or more years at least.
It has no wings because, for what i've understood, it makes the gravity weaker of the 90% using plasma mercury and generating through it a magnetic field. More details on the net, i'm not an expert.
Anyway, its acceleration and speed are in another scale compared to the conventional planes, 10 or 100 (or more) times more. No damages for the crew because the gravity system creates a cage of everything within, so the G is 1/10.
This is what i know, so, the triangulated ''UFO'' usually seen should be nothing more than this.
U can have a vague idea of what this technology is looking at the print, there's nothing's usual or ordinary in it. This is causing lot of questions, and some says they've been ''helped'' by external intelligencies , i mean, aliens. Obviously no aliens ever has been on the Earth, maybe they are somewhere in the Universe, but surely not here. There are no proofs, no evidences, nothing which can be measured , touched or showed, so there are no ''green men'' to worry about of course. The rest is only made by absurd theories and lot of empty bla bla bla.
I trust indeed that this innovative technology belongs to the studies of Nikolas Tesla , Willem Reich and the italian Pier Luigi Ighina. Tesla is the inventor of the AC current and the radio (plus lots of other things), Wilhelm Reich (student of Freud) invented the so called ''cloud busters'' (used by NASA for the HAARP project) and theorized the ''orgon energy''. Ighina was the main Guglielmo Marconi co-worker.
It seems the main part of this new technology has been suggested just by the studies of these great scientists, who unfortunely had a sad life because they were too far ahead of the times in which they lived.

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